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envRecycling is vital to the conservation of our precious natural resources and protecting our environment. The recycling industry prevents discarded appliances, automobiles, and other unwanted materials from exceeding existing landfill's capacities.

Significant energy saving is only one of the advantages of recycling. For example, by recycling aluminum from scrap uses less than one-tenth of the energy required to process bauxite and alumina.

Approximately, 40 percent of the copper used each year is from recycled scrap copper, which is an energy saving of 87%.

Approximately, half of the lead used each year comes from recycled scrap, at an energy saving of more than 60%.

Recycling definitely saves energy and natural resources over using raw materials, and it also eliminates the harmful environmental side effects associated with metal manufacturing. Recycling does not produce the unhealthy oxides which are by-products during the initial manufacturing process of ore to metals.

Recycling companies across the United States are responsible for processing more than 62 million tons of scrap metal each year. Hobbs Iron and Metal does our share of recycling, by preventing the material form being discarded into the landfills.


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