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Hobbs Iron and Metal is a responsible local company with a priority of minimizing Hobb's impact on our environment while protecting our natural resources for future generations.

earthHobbs Iron and Metal is committed to managing and promoting environmental responsibility by:

  • Pursuing improvement in our performance.
  • Applying best environmental practice principles to our services.
  • Complying with and exceeding all environmental regulations.
  • Always looking for ways to improve what we do.

Environmental Conservation

How different would our world be if everyone were committed to recycling? We would significantly decrease the amount of pressure we place on our environment by recycling the products we use in transportation, housing, food, entertainment and work. While this may not be 100% practical, it is Hobbs Iron and Metal's constant effort to strive for a better and healthier community.

Recycling scrap metals plays a significant role in reducing the energy expended in the manufacturing process of metals. For example, by using recycled aluminum, ninety percent less energy is required when compared to process ore using bauxite and alumina. Approximately, 40% of the copper used each year comes from recycled scrap for an energy saving of 87%. Roughly, half of the lead used each year is from recycled scrap, at an energy saving of more than 60%.

In addition to energy savings, we reduce the amount of raw materials required to meet our needs. Recycling also contributes to the reduction of damaging environmental side effects associated with the manufacturing of metals. Recycling reduces the environmentally harmful oxides which are by-products created during the initial chemical manufacturing of ore.


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