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The attempted sale of stolen metal has become more common as the price of metal scrap has climbed. We all read in the paper of metal theft from gardens, parks, utilities, construction sites, churches, and even cemeteries.

isriHobbs Iron and Metal works to prevent the purchase of stolen scrap. Some of the steps we take are:

  • We don't buy from known metal thieves.
  • We digitally record each single transaction in our facility.
  • Hobbs Iron takes a leadership position working with industry, government, and law enforcement to prevent the purchase of stolen scrap. We actively support law enforcement in making arrests for stealing scrap and work with the district attorneys office during prosecution.
  • Hobbs Iron is active on the state and local level to increase penalties for metal theft.

What can you do?

ScrapTheftAlert.com is a tool for law enforcement that allows the public to alert the scrap industry of significant thefts of materials in the United States and Canada. Upon validation, ScrapTheftAlert.com alerts Hobbs Iron and Metal by email of all incidents which have occurred in our service area. To protect and serve our community Hobbs Iron & Metal subscribes to this service.