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Car Crusher

Hobbs Iron and Metal provides car crushing services to a number of municipalities, individuals, and auto wrecking yards. Our experienced team of buyers continually monitors market conditions to provide competitive service and pricing.

Our mobile car crushing services use environmentally sound practices to ensure that customers remain in compliance with all local, State and Federal environmental standards.


Car Crusher

Usually a wrecking yard receives a wrecked or mechanically disabled car, light truck or bus. The wrecking yard removes reusable parts and cores and all fluids are drained and disposed of properly. The vehicle body can then be crushed and prepared for transport to the shredders. Hobbs Iron and Metal requires that all vehicles to be crushed meet the following standards before they are crushed:

  • Titles or proper documentation must be provided for each vehicle prior to crushing.
  • All CFCs (Freon or A/C refrigerant) must be removed by a certified technician.
  • All batteries are removed.
  • Gasoline and all free-flowing liquids are drained and properly disposed of.
  • Cars must be free of trash.
  • No more than 4 tires per vehicle.

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Watch this Mini-van being crushed

Loading 15 crushed cars on a flat-bed truck

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Hobbs Iron and Metal does not buy stolen materials. Identification is required for sale of scrap metals - please present a valid government ID to the buyer prior to unloading material. Copy of ID will be taken at time of payment.


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